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We only use the best transparent Thin Swiss Lace.

We only use human top quality Raw/Virgin hair.

Density is defined as how thick or thin the hair on your lace wig will be. Our standard density wigs start at 150% density we also offer 180% 200% 250% & 300%

Custom units can take up to 60 BUSINESS days to be complete. Only contact after 60 BUSINESS DAYS if you have not received your piece.You will receive an email with your tracking information after your order has been shipped.

Ready to ship or clearance wigs are shipped out within 1-5 business days.

You will receive an email with your tracking information after your order has been shipped.

Blank wigs depending on the stock available ship out within 1-30 days.

 You will receive an email with your tracking information after your order has been shipped.

Depending on stock available Items will ship within 1-5 business days.

You will receive an email with your tracking information after your order has been shipped.

To ensure the most flat and natural wig application, your hair should be cornrowed. For lace closure wigs, we recommend parting your hair where you would like the part on the closure to lay down from there. For frontal wigs, small straight back cornrows with the ends sewn up and flat are recommended.

Our Wigs can last 8 -15 mths+ with proper care. No swimming, minimal sleeping in wigs. Customer care guide comes with purchase.

We always recommend MANECANDY PRODUCTS for your wigs to properly extend the life of your wig.

All of the wigs include a LIGHT customized hairline.

All of our wigs can be easily sewn down.

Yes, you can color the hair. Our hair is 100% human hair of premium quality. We recommend you consult with a professional for coloring service.

Please refer to our WIGZ 101 section.

Before shampooing your wig make sure you have brushed out all tangles.

Fill a sink with lukewarm water and add our shampoo to the water.

Submerge the wig in the water solution allow it to set for 5-15 min if extra dirty.

Rinse until water runs clear and bubble free.

Apply out conditioner in your hand; the amount will depend upon the bottle’s directions.

Allow the conditioner to set 5-60mins.

Rinse until the water is clear.

Place the wig in a towel and blot gently to towel dry.

Air drying is highly recommended.

As much as you will love your new wig please understand that wigs should not be worn for an excessive amount of time, and should be removed once a week or when your adhesive starts to lift . Prolonged wearing  can damage the lace area your wig. We highly recommend purchasing multiple pieces and rotating the WIGZ.

*Disclaimer: We are also not responsible for variances in colour caused by monitor settings or photographs.

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No, we do not perform knot bleaching as a service. We believe that bleaching knots can compromise the strength of knots to be weakened resulting in balding of the wig. At times, some color schemes can cause the knots to be lightened from the initial coloring process, but we do not alter the color of the wig knots as a service.

Should you choose to bleach the knots or alter the wigs in anyway, once you have received a wig from us, please note we are not responsible for the outcome of that wig.

No, we do not cut the lace of the wig before shipping. The lace you receive from us is fully intact from the factory where it was manufactured.