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One Year In The Books!!

Just over a year ago, Mane Candy was a concept and a big dream for a big dreamer. Mane Candy founder and celebrity stylist Cynthia Lumzy was enjoying success with her line of vibrant, beautiful wigs with her Haus of Wigz brand. Still, she knew she had something big on her hands when she released a complementary line of hair care products designed to protect her clients' investments in their hair, whether it’s one of Cynthia’s gorgeous wigs or their natural MANE. Cynthia was never one to let anyone or anything hold her back, including a global pandemic, Cynthia took her haircare brand to the web, and she never looked back. 

Cynthia launched Mane Candy with a single product. Armed with an aggressive development plan to get her products into the hands of her faithful clients while attracting new brand loyalists, Cynthia and her team launched an impressive 10 additional made in the USA products within Mane Candy’s first year. This is no easy feat for a brand of any size, let alone a small but mighty team that grew from one to four within its first year. 

Mane Candy has found success thanks to its line of complementary products packaged in bright, attractive packaging; fun names (like Ooey Gooey); and delicious scents that bring you back to the time you roamed the candy aisles as a kid. And when you pair all these elements together with Mane Candy's professional-grade quality and undeniable style results at an affordable price, it's no wonder fans are flocking to get a taste of what makes Mane Candy so deliciously popular. 

As Cynthia and her team celebrate one year of delectable success, they have no plans on slowing down. The brand has grown from zero to six figures in twelve short months, and fans are asking for more. And the team plans on delivering. As the Mane Candy team heads into their second year in business, they're looking forward to mixing up some new luscious recipes that their clients' hair craves and people everywhere will have fun using over and over again to create their perfect look. 

And the team couldn't have done it without you—the most important ingredient in their recipe for success!