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Happy Black History Month!

Though it feels impossible to believe, we are already nearing another February, which means it’s time again to celebrate Black History Month!

We are so proud to honor Black History Month each year, and we believe that it is a wonderful time that we get to not only remember those that paved the way for us, but also to celebrate the new stories being formed and told every single day. It is a beautiful thing to be able to celebrate our history while also celebrating ALL types of hair, something that is so important to us as a business and as people. 

The past twelve months have been extremely difficult for us all, and not just because of this persistent pandemic that is still disrupting our lives and businesses. It feels like just yesterday that America took to the streets in droves to protest violence against Black lives, but we all know that we’ve been here many times before, and we have much more work to do.

As a Black business owner, there have been so many things I’ve been proud to accomplish over the past few years. I went from salon owner to wig designer, to celebrity colorist, and so much more. My career has taken me all over, and Mane Candy is only just my most recent accomplishment.

However, the thing I’m most proud of is the position I have as a Black woman to educate, support, change the culture around hair, and build a community of incredible people working to do the same in their communities.

No matter who you are, my challenge for you this February is this: pour into your communities. Learn the names and faces of the people around you and take note of the persistent disenfranchisement of Black communities across the globe. Learn how you can fight against this, to push back against racism, and to ensure that we all have an equal shot at a beautiful story: support Black businesses, Black schools, Black organizers, and Black thought-leaders. Learn as much as you can, and remember to always give a hand up to the next generation.

Happy Black History Month – may you feel loved, celebrated, and blessed this month and throughout 2022.