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Don’t Let Your Post-Costume Hair Be the Scariest Thing About Halloween

Whether you’re prepping one costume to go out with the kids, or you have a whole line-up of parties, your hair is probably taking some post-costume punishment from all the color, hairspray, glitter, and more that you used for the perfect scary-season party. As much fun as it is to create your Halloween look, your hair will definitely be struggling to recover, you need to be sure to take some extra time to de-glitter, cleanse, detangle, and heal your post-costume hair.

Putting Your Costume On

The best way to heal your Halloween hair is by avoiding harmful products altogether. Instead of using permanent dyes, a colorful wig is a great way to get the exact look you want without damaging your hair.

If you don’t want to use a wig, I encourage using temporary hair colors instead of permanent dyes. They’re better for your hair, which is perfect for when you need to go back to your natural hair color. No matter what you do, avoid cheap coloring products. Read the ingredients thoroughly before putting anything in your hair or on your wigs, and DEFINITELY avoid things that will leak, melt, or bleed onto your scalp or costume! Avoid box dyes of any kind, and if you can afford it, I highly recommend having a professional stylist dye your hair.

For styling, use gentle products. Try to avoid using greasy gels or heavy amounts of hairspray when styling. My rule of thumb is that if it’s going to be harder to get out of your hair, that means it’s doing more damage to your follicles and scalp. When in doubt, underdo it rather than overdoing it. Using damaging products for the sake of a costume could cause damage that takes weeks or months to repair, and use techniques like backcombing for texture rather than excessive spray.

Taking Your Costume Off

Glitter, Color, Hairspray – looks great but can be even worse to get out of your hair.

To avoid stripping your hair of natural oils, use warm water to wet your hair and a pre-shampoo mask to start the moisturizing process. From there, be sure to both shampoo and condition your hair to maintain oils and keep your strands hydrated.

Give Your Hair Some Halloween Candy

Looking for a moisture primer or the perfect detangler for your post-Halloween hair?

Nobody does the #1 candy holiday like Mane Candy.

Candy Coated is our moisture primer and detangler spray that’s the ultimate spray for rocking a wig, wearing your natural hair, or experimenting with color.

Candy Coated is perfect for styling, protects your hair from heat and humidity, offers top-quality color protection, softens and detangles both natural and synthetic hair!

When it comes to healing your Halloween hair, there’s nothing better than Candy Coated.