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Increase Your Curly IQ

Summertime means vacation, sun, heat, and humidity. When it comes to curly hair, the summer can be a blessing and a curse. Your curls are your crown and they need attention when the weather starts getting hot. Taking time to properly, wash, condition, and maintain those curls is a priority and it’s easy to do with the right knowledge and the right products. Our natural hair experts have you covered with this simple guide to keeping your curls fresh and healthy during the summer. 


Summertime means it’s already hot, stop adding heat to your curls. Consistent blow-drying and straightening your curls, then going out into the hot sun already will cause too much stress on your hair. Those beautiful bouncy curls will shrivel and fry leaving your curl pattern dead and dry. Instead, embrace hair care without the heat. Opt for a heatless routine using our Curly and Wavy Recipe. The process is simple: 

1.Cleanse your curls with the Suga Free Chelating Shampoo
2.Replenish your hair with the Tutti Fruttistep
3.Condition with the Ooey Gooey Conditioner
4.Comb through and detangle your curls with the Candy Coated Primer
5.Define and Enhance Your Curls with the Fast Fluff Styling Foam. 

No heat. It’s that simple. 


When it’s hot we sweat. Your curls love to drink up some product, but during the summertime, less is more. Using heavy products, or too many products in your hair will mix with sweat causing build-up. This leads to itching, unnatural curl patterns, and your hair constantly looking weighed down. Start incorporating lighter products into your daily hair routine. Try using something light like the Fast Fluff styling foam to define your curls. Then seal your ends with this light Drizzle Drops Cuticle Mender spray. These products will give your curls a polished and fresh bounce instead of a stiff weighed-down look. 


Our curls are strongest when we take care of them and leave them alone. Combing, styling, and applying heat to our curls too often can lead to damage. Sometimes our natural curls need a break to rest and reset. Summer is the perfect time to braid up those curls and grab a wig so those beautiful curls can relax. Our gorgeous collection of lace front wigs will allow you to change up your style, without putting damage on your curls. Find one that fits your style the best or design one with our wig customizer to match your natural texture and color. Make sure your curls are staying hydrated and protected under your wigs. When you are ready to bring the curls out again, store your wig and a good spot, to be used next time your curls need to take a break. 

The summertime is a great time to rock our natural curls. Avoiding heat, using light products, and giving your curls a break, are all ways to keep that curly crown healthy during the summer. Looking for more products to help keep those curls bouncing? Check out our selection of curly hair products. Connect with us on Instagram for more tips on how to take care of your curls.