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6 Ways to Take Care of Hair For Autumn

It’s officially fall, which means it’s time to ditch your summer beauty routine in exchange for something a little more cold-weather friendly, especially when it comes to taking care of your hair.

Taking care of summer hair means anything from battling sun damage to heavy oil from sweating and even dealing with damage from pools and saltwater. Autumn comes with its own set of problems – after all, we’re not getting nearly as much Vitamin D from the sun during fall and winter! That means hair is more brittle because of lower humidity and sharp, cold air. It also means an itchy, dry scalp, brittle strands, and battling back that frizz!

As we prepare for a season full of sports, skeletons, and much too early Christmas music, it’s more important than ever to stick to a consistent fall-weather hair routine.

Here are our top tips for maintaining your autumn locks this year:

1. Lose the Ponytail

Ponytails are great for beating the summer heat, but even then, they can cause scalp stress and hair breakage. When the air gets crisp, this gets much worse, so if you can, wear your hair down or softly pinned up throughout the fall and winter, and never wear your hair up when you go to bed! 

2. Try a New Do

Ready to get rid of that long hair altogether? Try a new style! A summer of sun leaves your hair fried and damaged, leaving you susceptible to breakage, especially for long hair! Whether you’re ready for something totally different or just need to lose the split ends, have your stylist give you an Autumn trip, and try going back every 2-3 months!

3. New Ways to Wash

Fall hair is totally different than summer hair, which means your shampoo and conditioner need to be different, too! Switch out your summer cleansers for something that boosts moisture, uses all-natural ingredients to avoid further drying out your hair, and washes away the day without stripping any of your hair’s natural oils. 

4. New Ways to Style

Just like with your cleaners, you should reevaluate your styling products! Because cold weather makes your hair more brittle, you need to do everything you can to avoid using heat-activated tools like curling irons, straighteners or blow dryers to cause further damage.  

5. Don’t Forget the Product!

During fall, your hair needs an extra dose of moisture, volume, and protection! Consider a gloss or mask treatment to help condition your hair and give it some extra shine, even when the sun is hiding! Bi-weekly deep conditioning treatments are a great call to help you battle the tangles and static that are common during these colder months, or add a volumizer to keep your hair going flat once that humidity starts fading!

Finally, you’ll want to bring in a protectant spray, serum, mousse, or cream to prevent breakage, especially if you can’t avoid the blow dryer or curling iron. 

6. Don’t Wig Out!

All of the above rules apply for taking care of your wigs and extensions! Do everything you can to keep your wigs full of moisture, and never use heat against your wigs! Always air dry, especially if your wigs are exposed to environmental moisture like rain or snow. Finally, with crisp winds and biting cold air, it’s easy for your hair to get tangled, so be sure to brush out your wigs regularly to prevent tangles.

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